Summerstone Farm

Our Farm & Stock

The radical change in the way we work with our livestock has been critical. Once, where large numbers of sheep grazed unsustainably, we now manage thriving, commercially sustainable farmland. We promote and celebrate native breeds, not just producing some of the finest quality produce, but setting exceptional standards for animal husbandry and welfare.


About Our Farm

We have had a major rethink of the overall layout of the farm to give our livestock more overwinter space, create new and improved housing and provide access to fresh water.

We have built a fit-for-purpose machinery shed as well as a new straw and hay storage, a state-of-the-art cattle building, as well as a new cattle handling system to help us check the health status at close quarters.

We’ve even installed automatic cattle brushes to keep the cows amused!

We have plans to add a sustainable solar panel system that charges batteries, storing electricity for later use for the whole farm. Change text here


Animals & Breeds

Belted Galloways

Our Belted Galloways are one of the most distinctive breeds of cattle. Unique, bold, black and white bands give these wonderful cows a truly unique appearance.

Mild and good natured, this is a deceptively hardy breed, that produces top quality beef that is much sought after by chefs and increasingly popular with diners and home cooks. 

Belted Galloways originated in the rugged uplands in the south west of Scotland. They are well-equipped to thrive outdoors in almost any climate. They are slower to mature, and live longer than other breeds, giving its beef a flavour and texture as distinctive as its appearance. Their longer lives allow them to produce more calves too, helping to grow the herd and making them sustainable.


Animals & Breeds

Highland Cattle

With their long, curved horns and shaggy coats, the Highland is one of the most recognisable breeds in the world.

Hardy and rugged, they originated in the west of Scotland and were first mentioned in written records in the 18th century. 

Importantly Highland Cattle can make a significant economic contribution to the kind of hill and upland areas found in the Summerstone Estate.

They help to recycle important nutrients, leading to a greater diversity of plant species and a more complex vegetation structure.


Animals & Breeds

Swaledale Sheep

Named after the Yorkshire dale where they originated, Swaledales are known for their hardiness.

They are thick-coated, sturdy and confident. The ewes make good mothers, rearing their rear lambs even in tough conditions. 

They have distinctive black faces with bright white around the nose and eyes, and both the males and females grow curled horns.

Although not bred for their wool, they produce succulent, tender and full-flavoured mutton and lamb. 

Valais Black Nosed Sheep

Animals & Breeds

Valais Black Nosed Sheep

With their black faces and amazing woolly top-knot, these sheep look utterly unique!

An ancient breed dating back to the 15th century, they originate from the Valais canton of Switzerland, so they are quite used to Alpine weather, they are a sturdy breed, well-adapted to harsh conditions.

They are much in demand for both their wool and their meat – which is tender, lean and flavoursome.

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